Terras Catenatus

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Part of a small group of mercenariness, know as The Order of the Shield, was patrolling around Driftwood‘s South gate. With a loud boom came a goblin raid. The small group dispatched the goblin raid. Only to find the commanding officer, Sir Kanohs, badly wounded and uncontentious. The parties cleric was able to stabilize Sir Kanohs, but that was not the end of his troubles. As it turned out Sir Kanohs had been poisoned by an unknown venom. The Order of the Shield wanted the small group of mercenaries to investigate the raid under the notion of already having dealt with the goblins. After investigating the raid site, the party was lead to, Jonathan, a shopkeep owner of Driftwood General. After some intimidation from the group’s paladin, Jonathan explained that the goblins had stolen a giant Catalyst from his shop that he himself stole from a the wreckage of a cart on the south road. Jonathan also told the group about a female tech mage that was being held at the local jail for murdering her brother. The group went to the jail to get some info from the Magetech. The guard, Mark recognize the paladin as well as the rouge. The Magetech exchanged the information for her limited freedom to the paladin. But of course the rouge had performed a wrong doing and had to spend the night in jail. The Magetech had informed everybody if they can’t find an antidote for the poison, that the Catalyst will have the power to heal him. The group departed in the morning towards a cave down the South road. While travailing the group was attacked by some dire rats. . After killing the dire rats, the party investigates a wrecked cart with a dead goblin in it. The rouge of course could not keep his lunch and threw up. The cart had belonged to a trading company, and was delivering the giant catalyst to driftwood for the tech mage. Once done the party headed to the cave south of Driftwood. Due to some skilled eyes the party was able to find a back door entrance and avoid a pitfall trap. The followed the caves entrance deep in to the earth to find wave after wave of goblinoids and undead creatures like zombies, and even 2 skeleton champions with some fairly decent gear. The rouge had also earned the nick name pitfall due to what seems as an inability not to fall into pits. The party found a room full of zombies that were apparently test subjects for something. the rouge’s greed almost cost him his life when he hugged a very stick chest. The chest turned to be a Mimic that was guarding a rune of undead summoning. The rouge also managed to fall into a pit during this battle. Managing to fall into another pit solidified the rouge’s nickname, Pitfall. Managing to unlock a door after falling, the rouge imitated a battle with a lot of goblinoids and a soul bound doll of great power. With some ingenuity the party was able to defeat the soul bound doll and goblinoids pretty easily. The doll exploded and was able to transfer it’s soul to another doll deep in the corner of the room. Picking up a giant Catalyst from a table, the doll teleported away from the party. But not before declaring that the party would fail if they tried to stop him from summoning Karthus from the dead.

Welcome to your Adventure Log!

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