Power Center: Magical
Alignment: Lawful good
Population: 10,522
City Size: Small City
GP Limit: 15,000 Gold Pieces
Community Wealth: 7,891,500 Gold Pieces

Driftwood Town Guard

Captain of the Guard

Name Race Sex Class Level Role Notes
Dissia Human Female Paladin 14 Captain Honorable and Brave


Polished Iron owned by Kither Maddock
Mithril Tools owned by Ebb Santilli
Silver Tools owned by Ardel Arcadia
Platinum Rapier owned by Alper Zymboly
Copper Smithy owned by Keriann Dungan
Flying Anvil owned by Arlen Hahn
Flying Forge owned by Ablamar Beer
Gold Armament owned by Tallis Virion
Kamel’s Forge owned by Lin Kamel
Strong Blacksmith owned by Gorwinay Naruun

Magic Shops

Tam’s Sorcery owned by Tam Durkoske
Vanderlaan’s Creation owned by Bret Vanderlaan
Andálë’s Armor owned by Kessa Andálë

Scroll and Potion Shops

Unending Treats owned by Seledra Isúrion
Dimatteo’s Beaker owned by Xtec Dimatteo
Adept’s Concoctions owned by Kendall Pdowski
Savory Fantasy owned by Seledra Elassalmo
Paper Salves owned by Wendelain Emion
Unique Elixers owned by Marlys Piryarnil
Wonderful Salves owned by Magaera Vanna
Hlotreid’s Aid owned by Nan Hlotreid
Sorcerer’s Beaker owned by Tam Licata
Cryptic Scroll owned by Loy Durkoske

Jewelery Stores

Sparkling Moonstone owned by Helain Hatir
Gleaming Tourmaline owned by Bret Baumann
Lovely Spinel owned by Aber Redish
Beautiful Tourmaline owned by Myrdivar Arnemil
Attractive Diamond owned by Dor Rechter
Polished Diamond owned by Ketta Eini
Sublime Moonstone owned by Eckusan Greico
Glistening Surprise owned by Maharis Hague
Luminescent Ruby owned by Melias Angórë
Ehangwyn’s Citrine owned by Ehangwyn Endres

General Stores

Ickes’s Market owned by Bae Ickes
Green Concessions owned by Neanne Rúlirdur
Wonderful Hammer owned by Miep Petrinal
Farmer’s Concessions owned by Olmas Callimion
Cornië’s Barrel owned by Fallon Cornië
Taulured’s Gathering owned by Taulured Tenindur
Blue Horses owned by Ablamar Vilundórë
Common Net owned by Angantyr Sitir
Kloba’s Tools owned by Keriann Kloba
Elayne’s Concessions owned by Elayne Huczko


Shining Beer owned by Mede Hammil
Fairbarik’s Dancer owned by Sapphira Fairbarik
Pious Diamond owned by Burke Ella
Brave Orange owned by Fallon Almanya
Begus’s Beef owned by Hamarka Begus
Courageous Honey owned by Marieka Valentine
Dynas’s Maiden owned by Dynas Grumet
Welcome Apple owned by Migdalia Bartosh
Jagged Glass owned by Parlee Turwindë
Adventuring Beef owned by Charl Lock
Queen’s Silk owned by Ossan Vastek

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